Nalanda Academy's daily instruction will be rigorous and based upon the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Teachers will hold students accountable for their learning as they will utilize rubrics to provide consistency in evaluating student work. Students will be made aware of the scoring criteria so that they know what is expected of them. Rubrics will also help students see that learning is about gaining specific skills (both in academic subjects and in problem-solving and life skills), and they give students the opportunity to do self-assessment to reflect on the learning process. Individual student conferences will be held to provide students support and feedback as they complete individual and group projects.   Mindfulness practices will be used to develop skills for being in a state of attention and perceiving thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions without judgment. It instills curiosity and an open state of mind, creating a more positive learning environment, where children are primed to pay attention. This will be done through activities that develop focusing skills, regulate emotions and respond to situations calmly with kindness and compassion.


7:15: Teachers arrive at school to check over resources and ensure that plans have been shared with their instructional assistant and/or teachers of that grade.

7:30: Instruction Assistant (IA) arrives to discuss plans for that day and set up the classroom with the Head Teacher.

7:45: Students arrive and have options to (1) eat breakfast, (2) do their morning job (if assigned a morning duty), or (3) participate in a learning activity (e.g., manipulatives, reading a book, or coloring).

8:00-9:10: A roll call is taken and then students begin the day with Math class. The teacher will conduct math together as a group for 40 minutes, and then for the remaining 40 minutes, students will be divided into learning pods for small group/center work.

9:15-10:40: Students transition to English Language Arts with Social Studies integrated.

10:45-11:10: Students are escorted by the P.E.

11:10-11:40: Mindfulness begins, which will help decrease any anxiety from the day and strengthen resilience and emotional regulation for both teachers and children. This will be achieved either through guided, moving meditation and breathing techniques. The Mindfulness Coach will lead this with the support of the classroom teacher.

11:45-12:15: Students are escorted to Lunch.

12:20-12:55: After lunch, students are escorted to art class and then are escorted back to the classroom.

1:00-1:40: Student Group Intervention for Reading and Math will start, where students are divided into small learning pods based on their academic levels (e.g. accelerated learners or learners with identified cognitive issues). This way, students get support in areas that need attention.

1:45-2:15: This period will be dedicated to Foreign Language. Foreign languages will be offered based on the demand from the local community. Nalanda Academy will provide students the option to learn modern languages such as Spanish and Hindi, and classical languages such as Latin and Sanskrit. Both classes will be instructed by professionals trained in these fields.

2:20-2:55: The classroom teacher will teach Science/STEM class until 2:55.

2:55: Prepare for 3:00 dismissal